Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Place

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mr. Wright

Jason Wright began by meeting with the detective in charge of the investigation. Detective Jason Broesch stood on the sidewalk by his car watching all of the emergency and forensic personnel standing around on the front lawn of the house of the crime scene when Jason walked up to him. Jason glanced at the people while the detective explained what he wanted.
“The scene is secure from the taped off porch and into the house,” said the detective. “Only myself and the victim’s alleged daughter, Sandra, have been on the porch and in the house.” He rearranged his shoulders, shifting them in his shirt. “I was focused on her when everyone,” he gestured at the crowd, “arrived. You would think they’d know better on their own.”


Sandra began rocking backward and forward on the backseat of the police cruiser. She started keening, the sound rising in volume.
The various emergency workers standing around on the front yard turned to look at her. She noticed their startled and alarmed faces as she looked around. She clamped her mouth shut. She felt trapped in the car and put her right foot out onto the ground in an effort to get out.
The detective moved to prevent her exit but the two EMT’s arrived with the stretcher and shoulder him out of the way. The female EMT took Sandra’s hands, guiding her out of the car and up onto the stretcher. Sandra closed her eyes and drifted away.


“I want to be seen by a doctor,” said Sandra. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked straight ahead.
The EMT nodded and rose. She went over to the ambulance to speak to her partner.
Sandra saw Detective Jason Broesch lean down to talk to her out of the corner of her eye. She stared out the front window concentrating on the flashing lights of the rescue vehicle.
“The EMT said your vitals are normal,” said the detective. “Are you sure you need to go to the hospital?”
Sandra held herself tighter. She began to hyperventilate. She wanted to run away.
“I want a doctor. I want a doctor. I want a doctor.”

Take Me Away

“Your vital signs appear to be normal,” said the EMT. The woman looked at Sandra as she held Sandra’s hand. “The detective said you didn’t appear to be well; that you vomited earlier.”
Sandra nodded.
“Would you like to go to the hospital and receive a more thorough examination?”
Sandra looked at the woman’s face and thought she saw true concern there. She looked up at Detective Jason Broesch hovering within hearing and she became uncomfortable.
What she originally took as solicitous behavior when she was in the shock of the moment she now saw as something more ominous.  Escaping from the detective seemed like a good idea. And she really did not feel right.

Are You High?

Detective Jason Broesch covered Sandra’s stocking clad feet with the hospital booties supplied by an EMT. He rose and stood back so the emergency worker could get to Sandra and check her vital signs. The female EMT asked Sandra if she were on any medications or currently taking over-the-counter or illegal substances, alcohol, any kind of drug.
Sandra looked up through the backseat side window. The detective was the epitome on nonchalance but she suspected he was listening to the entire exchange. She was glad she could truthfully answer that her system was clean. She came by her insanity naturally.

A Mile in Her Shoes

Sandra did feel better. She nodded her head.
“I would like to have the EMT’s take a look at you,” said Detective Jason Broesch.  “Would that be ok with you?” His voice was clear and calm, quiet and soothing.
She nodded again.
“I’ve brought over some hospital booties to get you out of those soiled shoes. Would you like that?”
She reached down to take them off but he bent and removed them for her with his gloved hands and put each shoe in a plastic bag that he sealed. He handed them off to a uniformed officer standing behind him.